AGO Congelo HT -
the absorption heat pump

Use heat to power your heat pump.

Bring your waste heat or renewable heat to a higher usable temperature level.

  • Do you continuously dissipate waste heat into the environment?
  • Would you like to use renewable low-temperature heat (well water, near-surface geothermal energy, outside air, etc.) for heat supply?
  • Are compression heat pumps not worthwhile for you because the electricity/ gas price ratio is too high?
  • Do you have high-temperature heat available that can be used as actuating energy?

Use high temperature as actuating energy for an absorption heat pump (type I) AGO Congelo!


Areas of application for AGO Congelo HT absorption heat pumps:

  • Increasing the thermal efficiency of CHP plants
  • Use of exhaust steam for combined heating and cooling
  • Feed water preheating in steam power processes

Application example of an AGO congelo HT absorption heat pump

Technical data:

  • Temperature actuating heat: approx. 130°C to 160°C
  • Temperature usable heat: 60°C to 90°C
  • Temperature heat source: -10°C to 20°C
  • Capacity heat source: approx. 300 kW to 1,500 kW
  • Usable heat: approx. 600 kW to 3,000 kW
  • Heat ratio (usable heat/ actuating heat) approx. 1.2 – 1.6
  • Installation options: indoor installation, outdoor installation, in a container

How AGO congelo HT absorption heat pumps work

AGO Congelo HT absorption heat pumps are based on the thermodynamic cycle of our absorption chiller AGO Congelo (ago congelo). In addition, compressors can be integrated to enable a higher condensing pressure in the condenser than is present at the generator or to generate a lower pressure in the evaporator than the absorber would create. As a result, temperature constellations are possible that would not be possible with an only thermally driven absorption heat pump.

Advantages of an AGO congelo HT absorption heat pump

  • The machines have only a few moving parts and are made entirely of stainless steel. This results in low maintenance costs.
  • The system is reliable and has a long service life.
  • High efficiency will be reached due to patented process cycle variants even under unfavourable temperature conditions
  • Use of natural refrigerants (GWP = 0; ODP = 0)
  • funding available
  • Stepless regulation in the power range from 30% to 100%

Request data:

Your application is unique. The AGO Congelo HT is planned and manufactured precisely to match your application.

We need the following parameters for the design:

• available heat source or actuating heat load
• inlet and outlet temperature of the actuating heat
• inlet and outlet temperature of the heat source
• inlet and outlet temperature of the heat sink
• type of installation (inside, outside, in a container)

Let us advise you on the technical and economic possibilities and inform us about your initial situation.

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