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Comfort air conditioning, cleanroom technology, special solutions and much more.

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Medicine or research, industry and trade – they all have one thing in common: the need for perfect room temperatures and special room conditions. And we offer the technical concepts for that. From planning to commissioning. We design, install, commission – strictly in line with your wishes and requirements.

No matter which type of ventilation and air conditioning technology it concerns.


Industry and Production

A lot of production and manufacturing companies depend on individual air conditioning systems. We provide customized solutions for all demands – whether air conditioning for production lines, clean room technology for specialized products, industrial exhaust air systems, extraction of harmful substances, or specific cooling of food products.

We plan, construct, implement and operate adapted ventilation and climate systems tailored to objects and customer needs. To ensure energy efficient operations, we use most up-to-date measurement and control technologies.

Plant options and application areas of industrial ventilation systems

  • Industrial exhaust air systems
  • Circulation air systems
  • Clean room technology
  • Cold stores
  • Extraction of harmful substances
  • Smoke extraction / fire protection
  • Pressure venting
  • Scavenging air systems
  • Air-conditioned production lines

Laboratory Technology and Hospitals

Research facilities, laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry need rooms that offer ideal working conditions corresponding to safety and hygiene requirements and to comfort criteria in accordance with the actual standards and guidelines. To avoid the transfer of germs, to respect occupational exposure limits at work and the necessary technological safety define the cornerstones of plant design.

We design and implement climate and ventilation systems in the following areas:

  • Operating rooms (1a & 1b)
  • Intensive care
  • Sterilization
  • Laboratories
  • Safety cabinets
  • Examination and treatment rooms

Cleanroom technology

In pharmaceutical and chemical applications, cleanroom processes with qualified technological equipment are often required to comply with the corresponding operating requirements. AGO also offers an extensive range of services in the area of cleanroom technology. Clean rooms, hygiene zones or production rooms are implemented in accordance with the current requirements of GMP qualification standards. We are able to develop and realise solutions for clean floor systems that comply with all requirements of your hygiene concept.

We design and implement air conditioning systems for the following areas:

  • Operating Rooms (1a & 1b)
  • Laboratories
  • Pharma process areas (primary and secundary packaging, pelletizing etc.)

Convenience air conditioning

Physical well-being of the customer is the top priority of our ventilation comfort systems. Concepts individually customized to objects and user behavior enhance highest possible efficiency of the buildings and a comfortable environment. Comfort and energy efficiency are not in contradiction with each other. A properly designed system combines both demands – and comfort as well as energy efficiency reach maximum levels.

We design and implement comfort systems for the following areas:

  • Office- and administration buildings
  • Public buildings (schools, universities, authorities and others)
  • Shopping centers
  • Retail shops
  • Rooms for events and assemblies
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Swimming pools and thermal baths

Air conditioning split systems

Climate systems are used for the air conditioning of business, office and server areas. They also apply to rooms with technical systems or in private homes. Besides energy demand and design conditions, we are taking further aspects into consideration, e.g., sound, energy efficiency as well as special filter technologies (pollen-allergy-filters).

We design and implement climate systems depending on the customers’ requirements such as:

  • Mono split climate systems
  • VRF (variable refrigerant flow) multi split climate systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Climatic chambers
  • Cooled ceilings
  • Circulating air cooling systems – cold water systems
  • Regenerative refrigeration systems, e.g. adiabatic evaporation humidifiers

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