Individual heating supply systems

Reduce your energy costs –
sustainably and effectively.

Heat where it is needed. Innovative plants for warm/hot water and steam generation.

The concept and construction of plants for the generation of warm/hot water and steam is also part of our supply concept.
Our plants’ energy sources are natural gas, bio gas, biomass and oil or a combination of them.


Steam and hot water boiler systems

  • AGO provides all services and materials required for the erection of central energy stations for steam generation and hot-water supply, including all of the perfectly matched equipment components required to ensure a safe and energy-efficient operation.
  • The plants erected by AGO achieve heat outputs between 1,000 kW and 50,000 kW.
  • The pressures of the available plants are 25 bar (positive) for hot-water systems and 54 bar (positive) / 450°C for steam-generating systems.
  • The scope of performance provided by AGO includes all of the prerequisites and permissions, such as certificates, HP0 approvals, welding requirements prepared by specialised in-house engineers and piping records.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps move (pump) heat from its surrounding to a higher usable level of temperature. Heat pumps draw heat from the air, ground, sewage or groundwater.

The energy, which can be extracted from the heat sink (air, ground), is a multiple of the electricity input for the heat pump and can be elevated to a higher level of temperature. In the capacity balance, electrical energy for the compressor and for the heat extracted from the environment is fed to the heat pump. At the outlet of the heat pump, one part of the energy input is available as heat on a higher level of temperature.

Benefits of heat pumps

  • Free heat source
  • Very low energy costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No open fire on site, therefore no CO2 emissions
  • Advanced, proven and reliable technology
  • Additional space, since no fuel storage is required
  • No chimney required, no costs for chimney sweep
  • Independent from fluctuating oil prices
  • Basically maintenance free
  • Flexible system with potential solutions for each area

Heat sources

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air

Areas of application

Public utility companies and energy suppliers for feed-in of heat into local and district heat networks
Production facilities in industrial areas with need for heat
Hospitals to cover their base and their peak loads
Swimming pools for heating the water and the building

Range of services

  • Electrically driven heat pumps in the power range from 100 kW up to 1 MW per module.
  • Use of heat in low temperature systems
  • Modular system to optimize the efficiency
  • AGO as general contractor can provide design, construction and operation of the heat pump

Biomass CHP plants

We are specialists in the area of planning, financing, constructing and operating biomass cogeneration plants and respectively biomass heating stations. Based upon the heat requirements of the supplied company, we design plants. Our client’s individual needs determine the used technology.

Wood chips from fresh wood or waste wood from wood processing companies are combusted in a special biomass boiler. Depending on the requirements, heat, hot water, steam or electricity can be generated. In addition, the unused waste heat can be entered into an absorption chiller and can generate refrigeration.

We use wood chips from fresh wood or matured timber as fuels. Normally, the base load is covered with biomass and peak loads are then covered with conventional energy sources. In the recent past, we installed several biomass boilers and have long-term operating experience in the utilization of wood chips as fuel.

A further advantage of biomass is: The German Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Act (TEHG) defines biomass as CO2 neutral energy source.

Your benefits:

  • Latest plant engineering technology
  • Lower energy costs of up to 20%
  • Long-term solution for your company
  • Planning and construction tailored to your individual needs

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