Efficient process cooling

Ranging from small installations to large industrial plants.

Flexible cooling solutions for your production process.

Among our customers are medium-sized production and engineering companies as well as corporations from high-tech sectors. Your individual need will decide if screw type water chillers, turbo water chillers, absorption chillers or other technologies will be used.

As a plant constructor, we support our customers in planning and implementing an efficient refrigeration system solution for the production process.

Application areas

  • Refrigeration plants for a wide variety of industrial applications.
  • Cold water generation for data centers
  • Cooling of manufacturing processes in the automotive industry such as painting processes
  • Cooling of manufacturing processes in large butcher shops and dairies
  • Climate control centers/Human cold

AGO Congelo Low temperature absorption chillers

The ammonia/water absorption chiller called “ago congelo®” enables cooling outlet temperatures as low as – 40 degrees celsius. Mainly, you need waste heat which accumulates during an industrial process or through electricity generation by means of a gas motor or gas turbine.

Areas of application are for instance the food and beverage industry (e.g. fruit and vegetable storage, freezing or cooling storage facilities, breweries, dairies, industrial bakeries and butcheries), the chemical industry as well as distribution centres. Regarding the implementation of the ago congelo® in your existing refrigeration plant we are pleased to cooperate with your refrigeration plant constructor.

More information to AGO Congelo.


Absorption chillers for air conditioning applications

The principle of the absorption refrigeration machine is based on the use of waste heat as a drive for cooling and is particularly suitable for covering the base load of large capacities.

A lithium bromide/water absorption chiller uses previously unused waste heat for smart cooling of processes and buildings. Hot water, steam or exhaust gas can be used as the drive medium. Combinations of different drive media and directly fired systems are also possible on a project-specific basis. In lithium bromide / water absorption technology, water is used as the refrigerant, so that there are no restrictions whatsoever with regard to the F-gas regulation and the so-called global warming potential (GWP 0).
Since, unlike compression refrigeration technology, no compressors are required here and almost no electrical drive energy is required, this advanced type of refrigeration technology is also particularly energy-efficient and cost-saving. Absorption chillers also reduce CO₂ emissions and work exclusively with environmentally friendly media.


Effective and individual solutions for industrial process cooling

Your production process is our challenge. For many years now, individual solutions adapted to your requirements and your production process are part of our core competences. AGO is an expert for many medium-sized and major companies worldwide.

Our customers include medium-sized engineering companies as well as companies from the high-tech sector. Whether screw-type water chillers, turbo water chillers, absorption chillers or other technologies are used depends on your individual requirements.

We consider ourselves as a professional contact when it comes to constructing energy centers for the provision of process cooling in the photovoltaic and chip industry.

Are you looking for a new, efficient cooling solution for your company?

We’ll be happy to advise you!

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